About Stone Face Trading

What is Stone Face Trading?

     Stone Face Trading is a computer program that has spent two years in development and this last year in testing becoming a computer trading system and we are now ready to put our program in the public. We pride in ethical business and trading. Any information about our results as good or bad as it comes out to be, is going to be truthful and honest. On the same note we also believe in free information, we will never charge and any expenses will be covered by our advertisements. If you want to support us, post your thoughts and comments.
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If you wish to know more about our system keep reading. 

How can I trust a system that is computer generated?

     It may come as a surprise but as much as 70% of all trades are now being made by computers.

Sources: CBS  ,  Huffington Post   ,  New York Times

     And as you know, stock price is determined by those who trade it.

However, most if not all of these trade computers are either kept as a company secret or come at a huge cost to their clients, some charge as much as $200 a month for full services. This system has been in development and testing for the past two and half years and is now ready to poke its head out and start receiving feedback.
     That being said, no trade system(human or computer) is 100% accurate and we do not promise to be 100% accurate. We have a pretty good track record however, with about 73% of our trades resulting in profit and 91% 300 trading day tests result in out performance even in falling markets.

   We use the same system that is being displayed. If our system is loosing money, we are loosing money(What better way to guarantee a quality product for customers). We are honest with information and take pride in having good ethics.
   We love when our readers provide constructive criticism. If you have a comment, suggestion or question, comment on this site or email us at stonefaceinvesting@gmail.com

What can this system do?

     This site may be new, but this system has been in testing and developmental for 2 years and has been able to outperform almost every stock's natural 300 day growth and we plan to put this to the test in the upcoming years. 
     Even though This trading platform has been developing for two years, it is not 100% accurate, nor do we even plan to ever call the platform 100% complete. We are studying our system's behavior and making changes to ensure our platform works and we plan to keep improving daily.

All that being said, here is a list of functions that our platform can perform for any particular stock:
1. Identifying short and long term trends
2. Identify possible trend reversals
3. Alert us of possible breakouts
4. Generate Support and Resistance levels
5. Analysis of moving day averages
6. Identify patterns with price movements involving oversold and overbought signals
7. Adapt trading patterns to meet the individual behavior of every stock

Future Plans(We limit this list to 3, otherwise we get carried away)
1. Fundamental analysis
2. Multiple trading systems
3. A client interface program

Why the name Stone Face Trading?

     The biggest mistake of any stock trader is letting their emotion get in the way. Some traders learn that the hard way after reaching empty accounts and others are born with a natural stone face and trade based on facts, not emotion.

Wether their emotion causes them to enter to early, exit to late or even pick a stock they definitely shouldn't have, emotion causes the downfall of almost every new trader. Being that the analysis of companies(stocks) are done by a computer trading system there is no emotion involved. Hence the reason Stone Face is in Stone Face Investing. But don't get the idea that we have the holy grail of computer trading systems, because there is no such thing as a computer than can predict every market move. We have studied markets, found patterns and now have our computer find the patterns we deem to be important. We look at the picks that come out and if the trade makes sense, we trade it and post it here. 

What can I do to support this system?

     Everything is completely free and we will never ask you to donate or pay for any service. Our system is run on our spare time and is requires little maintance, any costs that arise are paid for by the ads you see on this site. If you see an advertisement that interests you any, you should check it out.
     You can simply give us feedback. Email us at stonefaceinvesting@gmail.com and post comments on this site. All suggestions will be looked at and considered.  

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